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E. H. “Buddy” Moore, Jr. spent more than 63 years in the trucking industry. He spent the first 10 years as an owner operator for Deaton before moving through the ranks and, ultimately, becoming president of that company. Buddy Moore Trucking was founded in 1999 with two primary goals:  providing outstanding customer service and providing a great place to work for our drivers/employees.  Sadly, Buddy passed away July 25, 2022. At age 88, he was still working four days a week so that he could maintain relationships with those drivers who are the backbone of our company. He was proud to be a trucker and proud that the trucking industry provided for his family and that Buddy Moore Trucking continues to provide for a large number of families. Nearly 25 years after its founding, Buddy Moore Trucking remains family-run and committed to the well-being of our employees and the needs of our customers.  Buddy’s four children learned from him the values of hard work and taking care of those drivers/employees who are so important to our success.



Buddy Moore Trucking is committed to operating safely and legally to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We’re dedicated to the well-being of our employees, creating a family-oriented work environment with world-class benefits, pay and opportunities for growth. We constantly seek new technologies and welcome innovation to help us become more efficient, productive and environmentally conscious.

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